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LAX: the Fastest Growing Sport!
May 4, 2010


There are so many new players joining lacrosse today in the US, that there literally aren’t enough coaches and officials who know the game!

According to US Lacrosse, that’s why everyone who plays lacrosse is asked to take this BFF Pledge:

Be Fierce and Fair Pledge

  • Honor the origins of the game
  • Commit to the core values of the game’s culture
  • Respect all participants and
  • Recognize the value of fair play and both the letter and the spirit of the game

Pretty cool, right?

US Lacrosse says that lacrosse (LAX) is a fast, fun, cool game and that it’s pretty easy to pick up a stick and get in to it.

Find out if you have lacrosse at your school? Do you play? Do you know anyone who plays? Tell your iTwixie peeps all about it!

And let’s all take the BFF Pledge… it’s pretty cool for every sport, yes?

You go, LAX girls!

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