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Tween Girls Are Amazing!
July 8, 2009


Every single girl or woman you know is either going through, will go through or has already gone through these really amazing tween years.

Did you know…

1. You’re probably going to go through a “growth spurt,” you know, a year when you grow a lot! Get this: you might grow between 3 to 5 inches in one year!

2. Do you think you’re too skinny? Too chunky? Just fine? Look around at your friends… ever notice that you all have different shapes? That’s because you are all growing differently. Thing is, your body is going to grow the way that’s right for you – not just like your friend or your cousin – and that’s what makes you, well, YOU! So, it’s really important to eat healthfully, exercise and get plenty of sleep, so when your body is ready to go, it can grow!

3. Friends can help you feel terrific about you! Researchers are finding out that friends make a big difference in helping us feel good about how we’re growing. Turns out, when girls have friends that help remember that it’s important to be healthy and strong, girls end up feeling healthier and stronger! So now you have another way to work on being a good friend.

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