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Learn to Play 4-Square!
August 18, 2009



Use chalk to draw 4 squares, at least 4 feet wide. Then, in the middle, draw a circle around the corners of each square like the picture.  Then number the squares 1, 2, 3, and 4 and have everyone stand in their own square. Extra players stand in line behind Square #1.


  • The person in Square #4 rules 4-Square, because she is the player that starts all play!  She will bounce the ball once in her square so it bounces into another square.
  • The next person lets the ball bounce once and then hits it so it bounces into another square. If you’re quick on your toes, you can also hit the ball out of your square without even letting it bounce!
  • When a player can’t get to the ball before it bounces twice, or if the hit ball bounces outside a square’s chalk marks, OR if the ball hits the center circle, then that player goes back to the end of the line behind Square #1.
  • All of the other players then “move up” a square!  The goal is to make it to Square #4 and to stay there!

It’s TONS OF FUN to play with a group of BFFs – either on a driveway, flat pavement, or during recess. Send us a picture or video of you and your friends playing 4-Square and we’ll post it right here for other iTwixie girls to see!


{reg}Send in pictures to submissions@itwixie.com{/reg}

Or, post your video right here:

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