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Learn to Skate!
February 13, 2012

Here are some steps to get you started:

1) Find a place with ice! LOL

2) Have a positive attitude! Learning something new always takes time and makes you feel a little bit clumsy!

3) When you lace up your skates for the first time, practice standing on them in the dressing room. Lean on your skates so that you can feel the edges of the skates and how you can keep your balance.

4) Make sure you have your knees bent and your skates shoulder width apart. This position is known in a lot of sports as the “ready” position.

5) Don’t feel embarrassed to use a chair. In fact using a chair or pylon is the best way to learn to skate. It will allow you to gradually add weight to your skates and feel more comfortable. After learning to push off with your skates, you just need to practice.


Do you already skate? Tell your iTwixie BFFs about why you like it!

Source: howtohockey.com



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