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Let's Complete Our List of 10 Ways to Re-use Stuff!
June 22, 2010

From Ultra Cool Flip FlopsRecycling Tip by a Cool iTwixie girl! to Soles 4 Souls, there are so many ways to use containers or old clothing in a new and exciting way.

Check out the list of ways to re-use stuff we’re working on and add YOUR idea to our fab list!

10 ways to Re-use Stuff:

1. Give away clothes that are still in good shape either to peeps you know or to good organizations like Soles 4 Souls

2. Wash out water bottles to re-use yourself or to give to someone else to use.

3. Use an egg container to make a really cool purse.

4. Make a dress using empty juice packets. (also can make a really cool beach bag using juice packets).

5. Re-use paper by always using the back side of it

6. Re-use your hair by cutting it off and donating it 


Post YOUR idea in the comments section!


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