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Let's Knit a Spring Scarf!
March 12, 2010


Once you’ve casted on, you can get busy knitting!.

How to Knit!

Put your right needle into the stitch closest to the end of the left needle, bring the yarn around and between the needles, catch this yarn in a loop with your right needle. Now keep this loop on your right needle and slip the stitch you pulled it from off the left needle entirely. It will look like photo 2.


Continue until you have moved all the stitches from your left needle to your right needle.


Count your stitches once in a while to be sure you have them all in tact. Your scarf will look even that way.

CONGRATULATIONS! You are knitting!

When your scarf is as long as you wish it to be, it is time to cast-off.

How to Cast-Off

Begin your final row by slipping the first stitch without knitting it. The second stitch – knit. Slip the first stitch over the knitted stitch, hence dropping it or “casting it off.”


Continue casting off until you reach the final stitch and have only this stitch on your right needle.  Now cut the yarn with enough left on the scarf to weave into the end of the scarf.

Pull this end through the center of the final stitch off the needle. Pull tight. Thread this yarn onto a yarn needle (sewing needle without a sharp point) and weave it into the end of the scarf so that it does not show. Do the same with the tail left at the beginning of the scarf.


Voila! You have finished your first knitting project. Now, don’t you feel STRONG FOR SPRING?!

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