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Let's Help Ferretsunite with this Sticky Situation
January 19, 2011

Me and my BFF don’t exactly see eye to eye very well right now; she is being just plain rude! So i told her something on the phone and she didn’t believe it, right? So, now everytime she’s on the phone she says something a little like what I said and then starts laughing!!! It really makes me very mad and I wanted to scream at her “I DON”T HAVE TO TAKE THIS!!!!” Instead i made up an exuse and said I had to leave. I try telling her that she is being rude, but she just keeps anoying me, she’s actually a really nice girl but…… should I quit being friends with her? I want to stay friends but i don’t want her to think she can say or do whatever she wants to me. HELP!


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