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Put On a Happy Face & Take this STEM Challenge!
October 13, 2011

Happier people are healthier. :)



In fact, SMILING is powerful. That’s why we challenged you to take the iTwixie SMILE challenge!

But get this: researchers at Michigan State University have learned a lot about smiling even when you don’t not feel like it. Is it good to just smile any way? Should you smile everyday no matter how you feel? What do you think the research has discovered? Take this special STEM SMILE challenge:

STEM SMILE Challenge: Choose what you think is the correct answer! (correct answer is on this page)

1) You are always better off if you smile, no matter how you feel.

2) Finding ways to be happy is the best answer

3) A fake smile is hard to hold and actually hurts you over time.

4) If you think happy thoughts, you can smile and make yourself feel better.


Source: Michigan State University (2011, February 23). “For a better workday, smile like you mean it.” ScienceDaily.


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