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Look To See Who Won November's Writer of the Month!
December 2, 2011


Congratulations to Pinkzebra! Here is her winning entry:

Wow, the snow is starting to fall and I still cannot find the iTwixie Dog. I thought I saw her going toward the airport. What could she be doing? I head toward the airport, searching everywhere, while doing so, I hear a loud bark. “The iTwixie Dog!” I think to myself. Running to where the bark was coming from, I see the iTwixie Dog, laying there, with a big scratch on her front leg.”How did this happen???” I wonder.

Hope you liked it so far!  ~ Pinkzebra

Great job writers one and all. And special thanks to all the peeps who took the time to vote. You are so amazing. iTwixie Girls are the BEST! That’s why we have iTwixie Girls Around the World!


Are you a fab writer? Then try this contest on December 23. The first 12 girls to finish a new paragraph will get included in a vote the next week and we’ll vote for the iTwixie Writer of the Month for December! The winner receives an iTwixie journal. KEWL!

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