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One Day Left To Send in Your Luna YourSpace Designs!
December 3, 2009

Photo Credit: double_M


How To Make YOUR Design To Try And Win A Luna Guitar!

The Luna YourSpace guitar is so cool because it lets you insert a special design in the guitar to give it a one-of-a-kind look.

Just click here for a blank sheet to use for your design.  Print the page and you can make as many designs you want!

Remember, the more designs you send in, the better your chance to win!  It’s that easy!  Just be sure to get your designs in by Friday, December 4!

Send your designs to iTwixie in any of these ways:

  • MAIL!  Just mail them to iTwixie Inc., PO Box 85, Allison Park, PA  15101
  • E-MAIL!  Email your design to Judy@iTwixie.com
  • UPLOAD A MOVIE!  Make a movie of your design and upload it right here!

iTwixie will put all of the designs into a special drawing to select the winner on Friday, December 11!  On that day, the winner will be featured on the home page of iTwixie.com.  So, the more designs you submit by December 4, the better your chance to win!  Click here for the official rules and regulations.

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