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Wanna Win a Guitar?
November 20, 2009


Introducing iTwixie’s Design Drawing to win a Luna Guitar!

Luna’s YourSpace guitar is so awesome because it lets you insert your own design right into the guitar, in a special place called the pick guard.  Your design will make it one-of-a-kind!  Here’s the cool part, the more designs you create, the more chances you get to win! Now here’s how it works:

Create your design on blank paper, or download a special blank sheet to use!  Just click on the following link, then click on “Digital Design” and choose Template 2 for a blank sheet to use for your design.  Here’s the link: How to Make a Luna YourSpace Design.

Use your fave photos for your design, make a picture, or cut out magazine pictures.  It’s all up to you to decide!

Send your designs to iTwixie in any of these ways:

  • MAIL!  Just mail them to iTwixie Inc., PO Box 85, Allison Park, PA  15101
  • E-MAIL!  Email your design to judy@iTwixie.com
  • UPLOAD A MOVIE!  Make a movie of your design and upload it right here!

Check it out!  If you have any questions, you can post them in the comment section below or write to <judy@itwixie.com>  Can’t wait to see your designs!!

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