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"Make a Crystal Embellished Picture Frame" by Sophiasawesome
September 17, 2010

How 2 Make A Crystal-Embellished Picture Frame!!!

2 make this u will need:
Photo Frame pink is perfect
Flat backed Crystals, jewels, spangles, or sequins
Sparkly letters
Craft glue

After u got those thing u can begin:

Step 1 Center the sparkly letter word or phrase over the photo window and secure it in place, letter by letter. (Peel away the backs if your letters r not self-adhesive or apply glue if they r not)

Step 2 Wrap the ribbon (polka dots r ideal) around the base of the frame,gluing the ends behind the frame.

Step 3 Plan out your sparkle placement. Adhere the sparkles in place 1 at a time,dotting the glue on the back of each one. Use a toothpick 2 clean up any extra glue. Lay frame flat 2 dry.

How 2 Make A Beaded Letter Frame

2 make it u will need:
Photo Frame
Foam Alphabet And Heart Stamps
Craft Glue
Paper Plate
Paint Brush
Seed Beads(various colors)

Once u have these, u may begin:

Step 1 First determine your design.Then squeeze some craft glue onto a paper plate, and use a paintbrush 2 “paint” glue on the first stamp.

Step 2 Press the stamp onto the frame, using the brush 2 fill in any gaps where the glue hasn’t filled in the shape of the letter or heart or whatever, u get it.

Step 3 Carefully sprinkle seed beads onto the wet glue, completely covering the letter or shape with a single layer of beads.

Step 4 Repeat steps 2 & 3 for the next letter, and continue in this manner until your design is complete. Then lay the frame flat 2 dry.

I hope u enjoy!!! P.S. The whole month of October i will be posting only crafts!!! This is a preview.


Thanks, Sophiasawesome, for this fabulous project! You rock!

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