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Make a Hovercraft in Your Backyard!
June 21, 2012


This is called a Balloon Hovercraft! It is a perfect science project for your backyard:)

You will need:

Cardboard (or old CD)
Thread Spool
Small item (optional)

You will:

1) Cut a 4-inch square out of the cardboard (or you can use an old CD!)
2) Punch a hole in the cardboard. Make sure you punch the hole in the center of the cardboard. The hole should be the same size as the hole in the spool. (if using a CD you can skip this step!)
3) Glue the spool to the cardboard on top of the hole. Make sure you glue it really well and the holes line up. Make sure you use enough glue to seal it so that no air can escape between the spool and the piece of cardboard (or CD)!
4) Cover the top of the spool with a circle of paper – glue it to the spool and wait until the glue is dry.
5) Punch a hole in the middle of the paper cover where the hole of the spool is. Now your hole should run through the paper, spool, and cardboard (or CD) without any obstructions.
6) Blow up the balloon and twist the end to keep the air from escaping. Stretch the balloon over the top of the spool keeping the twist (no air escaping!)
7) Make sure your passenger is well protected (optional step)
8) Set the hovercraft on a level table or on the ground (or floor).
9) Let go of the balloon.

STEM Challenge: Send in a video of your hovercraft! We will post it right here:)


Source: “Top Ten Coolest Home Science Experiments” listverse.com

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