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Make a Rockin' Father's Day Card!
June 15, 2012

Actually, you do not need to cover an entire wall, lol! The trick to making the BEST Father’s Day Card evah is to be sure it could only come from you:)



Here’s how:

1) Choose how you want to present your greetings. This can be with a card from the store, a piece of paper you use for letters or even a huge wall presentation like the one in the photo.

2) This is the most important part! Think of three things that make your Father special to you. These could be :

a) how he always teases you to make you laugh
b) how he gives you that special look that makes you feel loved
c) how he always comes to your games
d) how he listens to you when you need to talk
e) how he always comes in to give you a goodnight hug and kiss

All fathers are different just like all iTwixie girls are different! The three things your father does to make you feel special are part of your special bond. Hearing from you that you cherish those things will put your father on cloud nine!

That is how you can make the BEST Father’s Day Card evah! You Go Girls!

  1. 1) I will make a card. I love making cards. And I will write A LOT! I love writing LONG messages to people I care about.
    2) Here are three things that make me love my dad so much: 1. he is very opinionated 2. he is funny but serious when he needs to be 3. he is one of a kind – I don’t know anyone else like him.

    My dad rocks.

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