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Make Friends with a Special Kid
March 28, 2010


Autism is a medical term that’s used to describe many different developmental brain disorders. Did you know that 1 in every 110 kids is autistic? That means that you probably know someone who has autism.

Do you know anyone who is autistic?

Autistic kids can behave in a variety of ways that can make you feel uncomfortable. 

  • If kids have severe autism, they might not be able to speak.
  • For some kids with autism, thinking about school stuff may be easy but making friends at school may be very hard.
Autism Speaks hopes that by helping everyone understand why autistic kids behave this way, it will help all of us reach out to autistic kids in a kind and friendly way!
How can you reach out to a kid with autism?
  1. Say hi!
  2. Smile!
  3. Mention what you like in common with them, like “I love dogs, too!”
Autistic kids are special friends. When you are friendly and kind to an autistic kid, you’ll feel special too. Want to make a donation to Autism Speaks? Just click on any mention of Autism Speaks in this feature and you and your parent can make a donation right now! Remember, always ask permission and get a parent’s help before making any purchases or donations online.
Thank you, Autism Speaks, for this week’s important messages about autism!

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