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Make This Green Bird Feeder by Spinner119!
September 16, 2011


You will need:

  • three plastic bottles (2- liter bottles work best)
  • some packing tape
  • yarn or strong strong string
  • scissors
  • bird food
  • stapler
  • Be sure to save the top of your bottle!


Now you will:

First you take the empty plastic bottles and cut the bottoms off.  There should be a line that you can see near the bottom and you can cut along that.

Next you staple the three plastic bottle bottoms together. Make sure they are like Mickey Mouse when you do this.

Now you cut some packing tape and put it around the end of each bottle (so the birds don’t cut themselves)

Then cut a hole on each of the plastic bottle bottoms and put the string thru knot it and pull it out to your desird lenghth

Now pull the strings thru the top of the bottle put the lid on the bottle when its still upside down

Tie it so it can fit on your tree. Fill it with bird seed and then fwalla you have a green bird feeder!

ps i made this up myself i did not get it from a website ~ spinner119.

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