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Make This Flowered Scarf: Step Two
August 13, 2010

What You’ll Need:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Spray bottle
  • Purple and yellow (or your fave colors) permanent markers

What You’ll Do:

  • Lay the scarf out flat, with a plastic layer underneath the area you’ll work with first.
  • Now draw a flower – use one color in the center and another color for the four petals. Be sure to color in each area. You can create a patter to use for a more uniform look, or make the flowers a little different if you’re feeling zany.
  • In this way, draw 13 or so flowers, across the scarf.
  • Lay the entire fabric out across a protective layer or hang on a clothesline or across a well-ventilated, protective surface.
  • Using the spray bottle, squirt rubbing alcohol onto one flower at a time. Watch how the colors begin to spread beyond how you drew them. Apply more alcohol as needed to make it look how you like best. Cool, huh?
  • Allow fabric to dry. Wash in cold water and dry to set the colors.

That’s it! How fabulous is your brand new scarf? Send a picture in to Judy@iTwixie.com so we can all see it! Will you keep it or give it to your BFF?

Enjoy your new scarf girls! Good work!

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