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Make UR Own Hat!
November 12, 2010


You will need:

26″ x 26″ Piece of Fleece (Approximate)

Needle and Thread


This is a great project to do with your BFF (be sure to have a parent handy in case you need help!)



  • Measure around the head of the person who will be wearing the hat (my head measures 22 inches). Add 1 inch to that measurement (mine would be 23 inches) to know how long a piece of fleece you will need.
  • Cut your fleece material to the length calculated above (mine would be 23 inches by 26 inches). Save your scrap pieces.
  • Fold your material so that it is 26 inches long and 1/2 your measured amount (mine would be 11 1/2 inches wide). Be sure the right side is inside.
  • Sew the long edges together. You can sew this by hand keeping a 1/2 inch seam.
  • Fold one open end of the tube over the other so that the seam edges are inside, the right side is showing and the raw edges match up with each other. The folded edge should fit on your head nicely with the raw edges at the top.
  • Cut a piece from your scrap fleece material that is 2 inches by 8 inches.
  • It works best if you do the next part with the hat on someone (your BFF?). Tie the scrap piece of fleece (2″ x 8″) at the top of the hat the way you would tie a pony tail.
  • The raw edges are gathered together at the top of the hat now and the hat should fit nicely.
  • Finally, with your scissors cut the raw material edge in 1 inch wide strips so that the edges flop over looking like a pom-pom (see photo!) Trim these strips so they are about 3 inches long.


Your hat is ready to wear. Kewl!



High Five to Family Crafts for this fab project!


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