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Make Ur Own Lined Storage Baskets
July 16, 2010


What You’ll Need:

  • Wicker basket
  • Hot glue gun
  • Your choice of 1 yard of fabric to use as your liner
  • Ribbon

What You’ll Do:

Step 1
Place the fabric into your basket to see how much you will need to fill the inside of the basket. Allow about 3 inches or 5 cm more than the amount that fills your basket along the sides to create the border outside of the basket.  Now cut around this measurement, being sure to make an even line. (If you are extra brave, create a “hem” along the outside of your fabric – either with a tiny stitch or by getting a parent to help you with a glue gun. This gives the trim a super, finished look)

Step 2
Now line the wicker basket with a this trimmed piece of fabric. Keep the edges on the inside of the basket.

Step 3
Ask a parent to help drizzle hot glue along the outside of the basket, and carefully place the fabric on top of the edge to create an even trim around the top of the basket. Be sure not to press on the hot glue! That glue is hot!

Step 4
Tie a ribbon around each handle, the outside rim or even in the front of the basket. Coordinate the ribbon to match your room.

Step 5
Fill your new decorative storage basket with something from your room you want to keep in one place, like hair care items, scrapbooking tools or homework stuff.

Cool, right? Send in a picture of your finished basket to judy@itwixie.com! We cannot wait to see it!


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