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Design Ur Own Locker Organizer!
August 5, 2011



You can make these organizers to help you keep it together. They use recycled materials – so you can be GREEN!

Magnetic Locker Organizers

What you’ll need:

  • One old cardboard, or “paperboard” box – like a granola bar or fruit snacks box
  • Glue and tape
  • A cool pattern of wrapping paper
  • Sticky magnets – you can find these at craft stores just about everywhere
  • Pictures of your BFFs, pets, family, vacation, or random ones!

What to do:

1. Cut off the top flaps of the paperboard box, like the ones you use to open and close it.

2. Lay the box flat onto a large piece of wrapping paper and wrap it, using the tape, as if it were a birthday present!

3. Cut out the wrapping paper from the top part where you took away the box’s flaps, so that it’s open. This is where you’ll be putting your stuff.

4. Now decorate the front of your organizer with pictures of your BFFs, your summer vacation, your pet… anything really! Glue them all over the front side of the box. Every time you check your locker – you’ll love checking out the photos!

5. Stick the magnets to the backside of the box and there ya go! It’s ready to stick to a magnetic back wall or the inside door of your locker. Use it to hold important homework, paper, notes, and reminders.


Try this with other size boxes, too! An old deck of cards can make a snazzy magnetic pencil holder!  Then you can put sticky magnets on the back of some post it notes.  Put the note pad next to your pencil holder and you have a little reminder tool for your locker, too.

You’ll be decorated AND organized this year!

Send us a photo of your finished project!

Any other fun organizing tips and ideas? Write them in the comments below – we love to hear from ya!


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