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March Madness Game Week Game 1: Monday Scavenger Hunt
March 7, 2011


Find these TEN things FIRST — write them in the comments section — and you’ll WIN prizes from iTwixie and Discovery Girls magazine! We’ll only post the WINNING ANSWERS! Good luck!

Hint: use iTwixie’s search for hard-to-find answers!

  1. What is blazepup’s profile picture?
  2. What special pizza recipe was featured in iTwixie’s Cooking in November, 2009?
  3. Who gave iTwixie the project for making a camera case in Design Dimension?
  4. Who is iTwixie’s Blogger of the Year from 2010?
  5. Which iTwixie girl’s birthday is August 25th?
  6. What music is playing in the dance video from Friday, January 21, 2011?
  7. What’s the name of the group that teaches girls how to run on iTwixie?
  8. In October, 2010, what is the “every day” thing that can keep tween girls happy?
  9. What’s the name of iTwixie’s theme song?
  10. Who created the Warriors Role Play Club?

Good luck! First girl to find all ten things WINS!

Here are the answers!

1) A hand drawn Steelers logo

2) Friendship Pizza

3) Make It Ruby

4) Luvinky

5) Juliette10

6) Dance (from Flower of Fortune)

7) Girls On the Run

8) Hugs (or a Hug-A-Day)

9) “Go”

10) Hawktail (or Hawkstar)

Here are the games we’re playing on iTwixie from March 7-March 11!

Monday: Scavenger Hunt – first girl to find all of the items on iTwixie wins!
Tuesday: Create a Role Playing Cast – first girl to create a cast of characters for iMGame wins! 
Wednesday: In Her Shoes – first girl to post an In Her Shoes video wins!
Thursday: Find the Word on Flower of Fortune – first girl to find this secret word wins!
Friday: Act It Out! – first girl to make a movie of her performing the script we provide wins!

Here are the games we’ll be playing on iTwixie’s Twixing from 7 – 8 PM Eastern Time:

Monday: Truth or Dare – the girl who finishes the most “truths” or “dares” wins!
Tuesday: Taboo – the girl who guesses the most taboo subjects wins!
Wednesday: iTwixie Trivia – the girl who can answer the most iTwixie trivia questions wins!
Thursday: A Minute to Win It – the girl who finishes the most “Minute to Win It” challenges wins!

iTwixie’s Twixing is the safest online chat just for girls evah!

iTwixie’s March Madness Game Week starts March 7, 2011! Keep checking back for all the fun details!


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