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Check Out Our March Madness Game Week Winners
March 8, 2011

The winner of ACT IT OUT was Luvbadmedicine!

The winner of the Twixing Minute to Win It game was Shopgirly!

The winner of the Find the Phrase game on Flower of Fortune was Scubagirl!

The winner of the Twixing iTwixie Trivia game was Winterpaw!

The winner of the iTwixie online In Her Shoes video entry was Blazepup123!

The In Her Shoes video will be featured this Friday on the homepage of iTwixie.

The winner of the Twixing Taboo game was iPixie2!

The winner of the iTwixie online Create a Cast was Nanafofanna!

The Roleplay Cast by Nanafofanna will be featured this Saturday on iMGame!

The winner of the Twixing Truth or Dare contest was Roseshimmer!

The winner of the iTwixie online scavenger hunt was Hmsisatiger!

The answers to the scavenger hunt are listed below (they will also be listed with the game!)

1) A hand drawn Steelers logo

2) Friendship Pizza

3) Make It Ruby

4) Luvinky

5) Juliette10

6) Dance (from Flower of Fortune)

7) Girls On the Run

8) Hugs (or A Hug-A-Day)

9) “Go”

10) Hawktail (or Hawkstar)

iTwixie’s March Madness Game Week is from March 7-11! Keep checking back for all the fun details, news and winners!



Thank you for all your great entries! That was a hard game to win and lots of girls were very close!

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