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Meet Our September iTwixie Exceptional Expert!
September 11, 2011

She is also an all-around great iTwixie member! Her name is MissSkinnyJeans.



MissSkinnyJeans is big into sports.

She also sponsored an online version of Operation Beautiful on iTwixie.

MissSkinnyJeans has been elected both Blogger of the Month and Green Tween.

She lives in Canada and is very happy to report that Hurricane Irene did not do as much damage near her town as expected.

Recently, MissSkinnyJeans has encouraged iTwixie to be more active in world activities and issues. Such a great idea! We hope that she (and all of you!) can help us do just that!


Here’s how YOU can become an iTwixie Expert:

  1. Get at least 100 BFFs on iTwixie
  2. Be a member of iTwixie for at least 3 months
  3. Ask iTwixieAdmin if you can be an iTwixie Expert!

Then, once a month, the iTwixie Team will choose an iTwixie Exceptional Expert from all of the iTwixie Experts on iTwixie. You may be the next one!

Congratulations, MissSkinnyJeans, for becoming our September B True 2 U iTwixie Exceptional Expert!

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