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Meet iTwixie's Exceptionally Smart Girl Expert for April 2012!
April 15, 2012


Introducing iTwixie’s Exceptional Expert for April 2012: Congratulations, Lovely4Ever!

Here are a few amazing things about Lovely4Ever, she…

  • is an international member of iTwixie hailing from Mexico!
  • writes clever and interesting blogs including one highlighted by ITA called, “Ways to make someone SMILE!! (:”
  • is active all over iTwixie telling peeps about what she is doing
  • loves the Hunger Games (which is not all that amazing – lol)

Here’s how YOU can become an iTwixie Expert:

  1. Get at least 100 BFFs on iTwixie
  2. Be a member of iTwixie for at least 3 months
  3. Ask iTwixieAdmin if you can be an iTwixie Expert!

Then, once a month, the iTwixie Team will choose an iTwixie Exceptional Expert from all of the iTwixie girls that qualify to be an expert on iTwixie. You may be the next one!

Congratulations, Lovely4Ever, for becoming our Celebrate Smart Girls All April Long iTwixie Exceptional Expert!

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