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Meet Maddie
May 5, 2009

She’s 16 years old and full of life. She loves to write her own music. She loves to sing. And she loves being in her high school plays. Know what’s even cooler? She also loves to make a difference.

She hosts “open mics” in her hometown, Pittsburgh, to get new musicians out and performing because she knows it helps. Open mics are events at locations like bookstores, coffee shops or restaurants, where any singer can sign up and perform a song in front of a real, live audience. How cool is that?

She gets involved. In 2007, Maddie was excited to be the first and only contestant to win the Audience Favorite Award, as well as the Judge’s Choice Award and the Kean Idol title, with a song she wrote for her autistic brother, Jake. The song is called “Take My Hand,” and it has raised thousands of dollars for local autism programs. Again, pretty cool, right?

Maddie works on her music all the time. She wrote “Go” for iTwixie because she believes in the power of every girl.

Isn’t she a great example of someone who is beautiful inside and out?

In the coming weeks, Maddie will be writing her own blog for iTwixie and she’ll even answer your questions. So keep checking in! Send in a question, if you have one! And remember, you “Go” girls!


Hey guys!! It's maddie. Thanks for all of the awesome feedback. 
I'm currently writing a cool new blog about songwriting! So keep checking
back. It should be up in the next day or two. Love ya!

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