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Meet the Virtual Pet Show Winner for FAB FUN February!
March 13, 2012

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Maggie Sue, the dog, is the pet show winner! Would the iTwixie girl who sent in this winning video please identify herself? She is the one who sent in this video but did not mention who she is :(


The next Virtual Pet Show will be on March 27. So get your entries in by March 26!

Just enter YOUR pet by either: 



Be sure to put “iTwixie’s Virtual Pet Show” in the subject line when you email them to us. You can send in videos, too! Just be sure we know they are for iTwixie’s Virtual Pet Show.

How KEWL!?!

Each month, iTwixie’s puts on a pet show… a virtual pet show… and it’s the One & Only Virtual Pet Show in the WORLD! Can’t wait to see YOUR pets! Send ‘em in now!

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