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Could YOU Win the Best Scientist Award?!
March 3, 2011

Now that you’ve read all about how to become the Next America’s Top Young Scientist, it’s time to get your submission ready! Here’s how:

1. Pick one of these:

Travel, Health or Helping

2. Now, choose a topic: For example, can you come up with ideas for how science can help people Travel? Be healthier? Help others?

3. Once you get your idea in your head, then all you have to do is make a 2 minute video of you explaining your idea. So kewl!

So whatchya think? Do you want to enter this contest?

- If so, have your parent register you by clicking here.

- Want to see a sample video for the contest? Just click here.

- When your video is ready, have your parent help you upload it here.

Wouldn’t it be kewl for you to make a video and enter this contest? And wouldn’t it be kewl if you or one of your BFFs wins? C’mon iTwixie girls… you can do it! Tell us, are you going to try and win this uber kewl contest?

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