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Musicgirl44 Writes About Her French Adventure!
July 11, 2010

I had no idea what I was about to find in this foreign country.
Americans have cooked up many stereotypes about the French.
Well, throw them all away! They are all WRONG.
The French are lovely people. NEVER think they are nasty. You just have to try your best to speak their language. For example, order for yourself at restaurants. If you try, they are perfectly pleasant and understanding.  Also, please understand that I was in France for 16 days, so I cannot possibly tell you everything we did. Our itinerary alone was 27 printer pages!
A couple things about the French:
  • The women are extremely skinny and NEVER wear makeup
  • There are beautiful flowers everywhere!
  • Never drive in Paris.
  • Don’t look forward to a certain thing too much… sometimes, CONSTRUCTION ruins it.
  • The French are CRAZY about their dogs…. they bring them into fancy department and jewelry stores, prehistoric caves, everywhere!
  • Say the word if you want to hike up HUGE, STEEP, cobblestone street hills. You got it! France has got them all.
  • The views were exceptional!
Anyway, We drove from Paris (where we flew in), to Dordonge, A quaint little region in the south of France. We rented a cottage which was fantastic! It was super cool! They have everything at this place, from farm animals to vegetable gardens! It really was a blast. One of my favorite things to do was to explore a local town near our house, called Sarlat. It was beautiful, and it was covered with street stands, flowers, dogs, and people… on the main street. The side streets looked something like this….
Photo Credit: musicgirl44
As you are probably guessing, It was beautiful.
Another thing I really enjoyed was seeing castles everywhere. At the beginning of our trip, we were saying “Oh look, there is a castle! Oh, and there is one over there, and there! OMG! OMG!” At the end we were like “Oh look. A castle, what else is new?” It was still pretty cool though.
Photo Credit: musicgirl44
This is the Chennonceau Castle.
One last thing I really thought was awesome was, of course, the Eiffel tower. If you go to Paris, it follows you around everywhere! It is the same thing as the castles. You just get sort of used to seeing it! Well, the tower lights up at 9:00 at night. At this time, it starts sparkling. It does this every hour, on the hour. It is something you can treasure! It was so cool!
Eiffel_tower_in_France lit up at night
We went on this boat ride called the Bateux Moches, and it was sparkling when we were docked, and when we docked again. Sorry, but It was near impossible to get a picture of it sparkling, so here is one of it lit up. I’m so sorry I couldn’t share everything to with you guys.
Sometimes, you can’t explain something, you just have to let them experience it. So, It is my hope that one day, you all can have the honor of seeing what I saw on my vacation. It is something you will NEVER forget.
Thank you, Musicgirl44 for this uber cool report!  You rock!
Do you have some vacation memories you would like to share on iTwixie? Send them to Judy@iTwixie.com!
So fun!


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