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Myth Role Play by DragonBlade
May 7, 2012

To join put your: Name:, Creature(there can only be one type of the creature if someone already has something like a satyr and you want to be a satyr think of something else please. ONE of each. Remember?):, Looks:, Personality:, Gender:, History:, Talents:

Name: Hope Dagger
Creature: dragon
Looks: White dragon with fur instead of scales, feather wings like a bird, blue eyes, graceful horns growing out of her head
Personality: gentle, not fierce like all other dragons, kind, strong, brave, loyal
Gender: Female
History: I never knew my parents. They were killed after I was born. My sister raised me and taught me good things. It was good. Then my sister was killed by centaurs and I had to leave my only home. I moved to where all the other dragons lived. I was an outcast. I am the only white dragon. I don’t agree with what the others say but I keep my mouth shut. Sometimes I look out and feel someone or something calling me. I have a great destiny. I hope I have enough courage to face it.
Talents: I am an amazing healer. I know all of the plants for anything from cuts to death. I can also change things to use for defence. One time i changed a stick into a golden sword.

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