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Nail Design Contest by jbbug10
February 19, 2011

…whoever has the most complex, pretty, sassy, and wonderful nail design wins!! I will choose the winners and everybody has to send in pictures!!

Try this out:

Cut a “band-aid” into patterns and stick it on top of a dry coat of color polish. Apply another color over the previous coat and the band-aid and let dry. You’ll have to be careful as it is easy to turn up the edge of the band-aid and ruin the pattern. When you peel off the band-aid you’ll have a design the color of the lower coat. The reason I use band-aids is because the glue isn’t meant to be harsh as it goes on skin and can be peeled off easily. The other neat thing about them is they often have small holes that the polish can seep through and leave small dots as a pattern.

You can also use clear scotch tape to do this!!! Any way you want to make a fab design is fine though!!

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