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New Avengers Plus by DarkAngelNikita
September 29, 2012


He needs new heroes. You can take up the place of any of the previous Avengers, but there can only be one of each previous Avenger, except Thor. Thor cannot be replaced. Maybe someone similar to Thor. You can come up with you own concept, as well. You can be no younger than 20. Request: Could one join as a male Captain America, someone else join as a male Hawkeye, and whoever joins in place of Iron Man be sarcastic like him?

~S.H.I.E.L.D File~

Name: Kale
Marie Marlow-Blue
Age: 21
Height: 6”
Build: Slightly Muscular, long arms and legs 
Skin: Golden tan
Hair: Black, wavy, short shag
Eyes: Hazel
Face: Square
Powers-To-Be: 2 ft. retractable adem antieum blades coming from lower wrist (side facing palm of hand), built in glasses (Lenses frames s urround eye, but don’t make complete oval. Lenses are interchanbuilt in glasses (just like those in “Deus Ex: Human Revolution,” developed by Eidos Montreal and Published by Square Enix), super strength, telekinesis, Wolverine-like healing, also has canine hearing and smell
Location: Hagerstown, Maryland
Avenger Name: To Be Decided
Information: She was born in Hagerstown, Maryland and lived there until she was ten. After her parents, May June and Chuck Black Marlow died in an automobile accident, she was adopted by Caroline Jane Blue. Kale decided to take both her birth name and the name of her adoptive mother. After training in fencing and mixed martial arts from the age of eleven, she teaches fencing with Donald Kristopher Lee.

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