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New contest by Apple_Pie
October 16, 2010

Whoever comnes up with the most creative words to put in the blanks of this story wins. The words must make sense, though. When you write your answers, please write the whole story along with your words. (for easier judging the stories) If you don’t write the whole story along with your words, unfourtuanatley, your entry will not be accepted. Thanks so much. The contest ends Oct. 26 and the winners name will be posted on my blog (along with a special suprise) by Halloween. So, here is an example sentence of what to do:

I went to ______ for ________

DON’T WRITE: monster town thanksgiving

DO WRITE: I went to monster town for thanksgiving

OK, thanks a lot!

Here is what to write (fill in blanks)


For vacation, we went to ______ and ate lots of _____ on the way. We got lots of souveneirs, including a ________. We met my mom’s ________ friend there, and they talked for ______. It felt like it would never end. Then when _________ closed, we stayed there until _____ because ________. My sister had to _______ at _:__, which made the trip even ______.

All in all, the trip was very ______.

Hugz and kissez,

Apple_Pie (aka Cassie)


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