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Here's More about FREE Twixing for iTwixie Experts
October 10, 2011

Are you an iTwixie Expert? Then congratulations! You get One Year of FREE Twixing!



All you have to do is download this permission form, get it signed by your parent or guardian and return it to iTwixie, and shazam! You can get One Year of FREE Twixing! Just click here to download the form. Easy, right?

Now, don’t YOU want to be an iTwixie Expert? lol!

Here’s to all iTwixie girls and having more fun than ever on iTwixie’s Twixing, the safest instant chat ever created, just for the coolest girls in the world!

Could YOU be one of our next iTwixie Experts?

Have you been on iTwixie at least 3 months and:

* Have 20 friends who joined iTwixie?

* Have at least 100 BFFs?

* Won Blogger of the Month?

• Won Green Tween of the Month?

Just write on iTwixieAdmin’s wall when you think you’re ready to be an iTwixie Expert!


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