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North Alabama Tornado Disaster by SouthernBelle
May 4, 2011

North Alabama, U.S., has been hit by a serious outbreak of tornadoes. These tornadoes may start out as gentle air rotations, but some will turn into deadly, windy, monsters – sweeping away homes, businesses, hospitals, cars, barns, and crops.


These places in North Alabama have been replaced with mountains of debris and unidentifiable belongings. Many people, and families, have been left homeless.

Fortunately, hundreds of gracious volunteers have set up tents for food and item distribution all over North Alabama, helped to find survivors, take care of the wounded, host funerals for those who did not survive, and rebuild homes and buildings.

Generous donors, please bring supplies such as:
• toiletries
• baby supplies
• clothing
• food

There are many places to drop these things off, but most are in states surrounding Alabama. If there happens to be one near you, please bring donations!

Please donate, and help North Alabama rebuild. A big, warm, sincere, THANK YOU to all those who have or will donate to this worthy cause!


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