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October Photo Album
October 16, 2010



Do you have photos you wannt share? Send ‘em in to Judy@iTwixie.com ! Be sure to include who you are and a fun title of your pictures. How kewl!

tween butterfly_surprise
Photo Credit: Linz12

My brother shouted me down stairs telling me to bring my camera!

Photo Credit: nanafofanna

These are from the hot air balloons show in Orem.

tween girl's little bro
Photo Credit: nanafofanna

This photo is of my 4 year old brother, Eli, eating a donut.


more sleepover fun
Photo Credit: Nikki11

Slumber party meyhem!


itwixie tween slumberparty
Photo Credit: Nikki11

Slumber party fun!!


tween in the sun
Photo Credit: Nikki11


iTwixie tween girl pet
Photo Credit: lax_luver

This is Lulu gazing off dramatically.


iTwixie tween random family photo
Photo Credit: nanafofanna

This is a photo of nanafofanna, her father, and her brother, Lucas.

tween group of girls with dolls
Photo Credit: nanafofanna


pumpkin within a pumpkin
Photo Credit: nanafofanna

Pumpkin within a pumpkin by nanafofanna’s brother, Spencer.


tween BFFs
Photo Credit: nanafofanna


little brother being silly
Photo Credit: nanafofanna


Do you have something to share with your iTwixie peeps? Send your fun photos to  submissions@itwixie.com or to   judy@itwixie.com .



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