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October's Writer of the Month Starts Here, TODAY!
October 21, 2011

You asked for it, iTwixie girls! You asked for more chances to win… so here’s a brand new way YOU can try and win a prize on iTwixie!


Just finish the paragraph started below to be included in the vote next week. A paragraph is usually 4-6 sentences long. So this should be quick and easy! The first 12 girls who finish the paragraph will be included! These 12 paragraphs will then be featured next week in a special vote to choose iTwixie’s very first iTwixie Writer of the Month! The winner will get a writer’s journal!

Good luck, girls! Remember, only the first 12 girls will be included, so you better get writing!!! Be zany! CRAZY! Creative! And of course… have fun!  :)

This starter was submitted by Mistyfall!

Leaves are all falling steadily from the trees. You look around. The wind seems to suddenly just stop. What is going on, you wonder. Something stirrs behind you, you look around and…

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