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Outlaw Role Play by DarkAngelNikita
July 6, 2012


Name: Kikka
Outlaw Name: Dunya
Age: 15
Height: 5’5”
Skin: Light/medium
Hair: Curly, shoulder-length (preferred), pale brown
Eyes: Blue
Face: Oval face shape, naturally blush cheeks
Body: lean, strong, flexible w/ long legs
Hands: Average sized, pianist fingers
Persona: Kind, straight forward when necessary, tough, can hold a grudge for as long as it takes, loves danger
History: I was orphan. Carol, the one who raised me, took me in as her own when she found me. She’s been the only mother I’ve known. She gave me my name. When I was eight, I became a pro at stealing. Carol never even knew I was doing it. Then last year my “evil twin,” I guess you could say, Amara, murdered my town’s mayor during the annual Festival of the Masks. Amara supposedly died a year before by falling off a cliff. Since I wasn’t even at the festival, I know better. I’ve been running ever since, trying to find Amara.

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