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November 8, 2012

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rencontre gratuite 42 Title of this skit is “Terri and the Turkey”

online dating after second date Stage Right: The humble home of TERRI, MOM and DAD.

click here now Stage Left: The animal pen.

dating chico Narrator: Thanksgiving. A time of joy and celebration. Of food, relaxation, and family. A day beloved by everyone. Everyone that is except… Tom Turkey!

(A Turkey named Tom walks on stage left, flapping his wings.)

Tom: Gobble, gobble!

On stage right, Mom and Dad enter. Tom listens to them as they speak.

MOM: I mashed the potatoes, I crammed the cranberries, I yammed the yams, and now it’s time for you to do what you always do on Thanksgiving Day.

DAD: Watch football?

MOM: No! It’s time to prepare the turkey.

TOM: Prepare? That doesn’t sound so bad.

DAD: Prepare? That’s such hard work! I have to pluck the feathers.

TOM: Ow!

DAD: And toss him in the oven.

TOM: Oh my!

MOM: But don’t forget. First you must chop off his head.

TOM: (Grabs his neck, fearful.) And all this time I thought I was going to be the guest of honor. 

DAD: Well, I guess I better get busy.

A happy daughter, Terri, enters.

MOM and DAD: Hi Terri!

MOM: Happy Thanksgiving.

TERRI: Is there anything I can do to help?

DAD: I’m glad you asked that. Go out back and chop off the turkey’s head.

TERRI: Oh. I was hoping you would have me set the table.

DAD: Too bad. Get chopping!

MOM: Be brave dear.

TERRI: But Mom, you know the sight of blood makes me queasy.

MOM: I’m needed in the kitchen.

TERRI: Well, sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do–

DAD: And while you’re at it, pluck the feathers and give it to Mom to put in the oven.

Note: All of the other human characters have cleared the stage – just Terri and Tom are there.

TERRI: Well, I guess if we want a turkey dinner, someone has to do it.

TERRI: (Approaching Tom) Sorry, Mr. Turkey. The time has come.

TOM: I – I – I feel faint!

The turkey starts to sway back and forth. He falls to the ground.

TERRI: Oh no! I think he’s having a heart attack!

MOM: (Entering.) Who’s having a heart attack?

TERRI: (Checking the turkey’s pulse.) He doesn’t have a pulse.

DAD: (Entering.) I don’t have a pulse?

TERRI: Not you, Dad. The turkey!

DAD: Terri, what are you doing?

TERRI: Using a defibrillator. I learned all about it in health class.

MOM: She’s such a good student.

TERRI: I think it’s working. Live, Mr. Turkey! Live!!!

TOM: (Coming back to life.) Gobble gobble!

MOM: You did it honey!

DAD: You saved his life.

TERRI: Yep. Now I guess I better cut off his head.

MOM: Now wait, child. It just doesn’t seem right.

TERRI: You know, according to my history book, presidents such as Harry Truman and John Kennedy have spared the lives of their turkeys. And since 1989, the white house has been granting a presidential pardon to each live turkey that is presented to the president. Maybe this year we could do the same kind of thing.

MOM: I think that’s a lovely idea. After all, one of the many things we should be thankful for is simply how many families have been able to have wonderful Thanksgiving dinners all because of this noble bird. Besides we have many other delicious foods we can eat. Yams, cranberries, freshly made bread, and mashed potatoes.

DAD: That’s right, dear. 

The End.

(special thanks to Wade Bradford and About.com for original skit-this is an adapted version)

Remember, keep it short – like a minute and a half. Add some things of your own, if you’d like! Here’s how to upload a video!

opcje binarne najlepsi brokerzy Want another skit next week? 

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