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Design Project: Ribbon Picture Frame, Step 2
October 28, 2009

Design Dimension: Ribbon Picture Frame, Step 2

For this step, you’ll want to grab an adult to help:

1.  Measure the fabric you cut and subtract about one inch from each side.  Use this new measurement and dimension to cut your photo.  For example,  if your fabric’s measurements are 4×6 inches, make your photo 2×4 inches.  You can make it a little larger if your photo doesn’t allow such a small cut.  The one in the picture has been cut to 3×4 inches.

2.  Place your photo in the middle of the fabric so that the fabric seems to make a frame around the photo.  This doesn’t have to be perfect.  Just get it as close as you can.

3.  Pin the photo in place at the top and bottom.  Place your pin at the very edge of the photo so the holes won’t show later.

4.  Thread your needle with a fun color that will stand out against the photo.  Choose the brightest color in your fabric, if possible.  Make sure that you double-thread the needle so it will make a nice, thick line.  Now sew around your photo, removing the pin as you reach it, holding the photo in place.  You can make a dotted line like I’ve done, or use x’s to make a more decorative pattern.  If you do, you’ll have to send it in for all of your peeps at iTwixie to see!  Cool!

Stay tuned for step 3 next week.  It’s going to be finished in no time!

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