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Design Project: Ribbon Picture Frame, FINAL Step
November 6, 2009

Design Dimension: Ribbon Picture Frame, FINAL Step


For this final step, you’ll need an adult to help.  This step is quick, though, so get excited, girls!

1. Grab an adult and prepare an ironing location with a flat surface and your clothing iron.  Turn your fabric (with the picture attached) over.  VERY LIGHTLY, iron the back side of the fabric around the edges.  Be sure you don’t iron the photo, even from the back.  You just want to get the fabric nice and flat.

2. Wrap your ribbon around the bottom of the frame loosely — so that the glass can fit back into the frame.  Attach the ends to each other so they will stay put and out of sight — like in a knot.  Then wrap another piece of ribbon around the top and tie it into a bow.  You can make a different kind of bow than the one shown in the picture or put the ribbons on the sides instead of the top and bottom. See what you like best.  Then make sure your ribbon is loose enough, by testing if you can put your glass back in.  If not, re-tie your bow so you can.  When your ribbon is loose enough, you’re ready to finish!

3. This is it; The final step!  Put the glass in for good, place your fabric-backed photo in next and put the back of the frame back in place and secure it.  Finalize the bow placement and look.  That’s it!

Are you going to hang your frame, put it on your dresser or give it to your BFF?

Great work iTwixie girl!!


TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL FRAME AND SEND IT TO judy@ITWIXIE.COM! We’ll post them right here on iTwixie!  Have other projects you’ve completed?  Send a picture of those, too!


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