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December 5, 2012

Which of these answers is right? The others are BALDERDASH! Balderdash means nonsense!

So choose the one you think is right. Each answer gets you entered into a drawing for a $10 Target gift card. The correct answers and the winner will be announced next week, Wednesday, December 12. Good luck, have fun and be sure to yell BALDERDASH!

1) The Lost Hero is about:

a. A Hobbit named Leo who cannot be found anywhere in Olympus.

b. Hera, the wife of Zeus, who seems to be missing.

c. Not sure who the hero is that is missing yet-must finish the book!

2) Jason is the person in this book who:

a. was challenged to find the Golden Fleece by King Pelias.  

b. is leading a search for Hera, but has almost no idea where to find her.

c. is really a Hobbit and wants to live on Mount Olympus.

3) Piper is the name of:

a. a daughter of Aphrodite who can use charmspeak to get what she wants.

b. a Satyr who developed the art of playing the flute, which was invented by Athena.

c. another Hobbit, who really plays the flute (called pipes) exceptionally well.

iTwixie’s Tween Girl Book Club 
is the only book club in the WORLD just for tweens.

Here is the avatar that
Zebraangel &
PumyrathePuma won from last week:

smaller would you rather avatar

Enter your answers for Balderdash NOW to be in the drawing for the $10 Target gift card. Every answer is a chance to win!(answers will not be posted until next Wednesday, December 12)

Next week on December 12, iTwixie will have an all day book party with exciting prizes! It will be the last day we chat about THE LOST HERO by Rick Riordan. Everyone who answers will get cool prizes and be entered for a super duper prize! It’s so fun.  So… KEEP READING!

THE LOST HERO by Rick Riordan

“The Percy Jackson series are the best! I’ve dedicated so much time to them! They are
my favorite series. The Heroes of Olympus series continues Percy’s adventures!” ~ GirlsHavePower

Check back next week for iTwixie’s ALL DAY PARTY! See what fun prizes you can win.

iTwixie’s Tween Girl Book Club ROCKS! 

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