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Play Marbles!
June 3, 2009

Here’s how to play:

“The Ring Game”

(with help from fun.familyeducation.com)

This is the most popular version of Marbles. It’s easy to play and tons of fun. Give it a try! Make a video of your game! Send it to iTwixie! Let’s see who’s got the technique to play.

Keep or Lose Marbles?
Be clear on the rules about taking marbles before you play. Some kids want to have their marbles back, while other kids feel the reward is to win other kids’ marbles. This could be a big source of conflict if everyone doesn’t agree to the rules right at the start of the game.

Let’s Play!
Draw a ring on the ground either with a piece of chalk or with a stick in the dirt. Draw a starting line just outside the ring. Each player puts a few marbles (the “target” marbles) into the ring and the goal is to use “shooter” marbles from the starting line, to knock “target” marbles out of the ring.

First Turn
To choose the player who goes first, each player should shoot a marble from the starting line toward the ring; the player whose marble is closest to the edge of the ring gets to go first. The next closest is the second shooter, and so on. The players should pick up these marbles to shoot again when the game begins.

The first player knuckles down at the starting line and shoots her “shooter” marble toward the ring in an effort to hit a “target” marble out of the ring. If the player hits both her shooter marble and the target marble out of the ring, she gets to keep the marble and shoot again—only this time she has to shoot from where her shooter rests. If a player shoots a target marble out, but her shooter stays in, she can get the shooter back by replacing it with another marble.

Knuckles Down

There is an art to shooting a marble and it’s done like this: Curl your fingers and rest the marble on the crook of your index finger. With your knuckles facing downward, place the knuckle of your index finger on the ground and use your thumb to flick the marble out of the crook—and watch the marble fly. You’ll have to practice a few times until you get it right.

REMEMBER: ALWAYS keep marbles out of the hands and mouths of small children.

Have fun playing! And remember, send in a video to iTwixie and maybe we’ll post it to show off your skills!

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