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Practice Dribbling in Soccer!
March 14, 2011

Here’s a drill you can practice all by yourself, on the soccer field or right in your back yard! It will help improve your control of the ball, your quick reflexes, and your coordination.

What you’ll need:

* About 8-10 cones, or another type of marker – even using some tennis shoes would work!

* A soccer ball

What to do:

* Set up the markers about 1 or 2 feet apart from each other in a big cluster, or in a straight line.

* Try dribbling the soccer ball through your maze without letting the ball touch any of the markers!

* Grab a stopwatch or timer and see if you can do this for one straight minute! Then, keep trying and see how fast you can dribble while keeping the ball from touching the markers!

This drill is great practice for keeping control of the ball while you’re on the field! When you’ve got the ball and you’re headed down the field, you want to keep the ball close to you, so someone on the opposing team doesn’t snatch it from you!

Another neat soccer skill is learning to juggle.  Check this out to learn how!

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