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R U Textless?
December 8, 2010


Texting rocks. It’s quick, easy and so fun, right? But sometimes texting can get, well, annoying. What do you do?

Try iTwixie’s Tips on Texting

Texting 101: Definately Do This

  • Send fast and fun messages
  • Use cool phrases and silly images
  • Text where u can have a little privacy and aren’t ignoring anyone
  • If you can’t call – use a text

Texting 101: Definately Don’t Do This

  • Never send personal pictures of you – you never know where they’ll end up
  • Don’t text at an event, at the breakfast, lunch or dinner table, when ur hanging with ur BFFs or anytime everyone around you is hanging out – it’s rude
  • NEVER text while driving – if you see your ur parent or someone you know doing it, help them remember how dangerous it is
  • Avoid texting about personal stuff
  • Upset with ur BFF? Better to talk to her – don’t argue in texts
  • Crushing on a boy? Don’t text him – that’s the kind of stuff that can turn into gossip and hurt you, your friends or him!
  • If you don’t know who it is, don’t text back. EVER! If it’s someone you trust, know or kinda know, you’ll be able to figure that out soon enough. Better to avoid texting to someone you DON’T KNOW – that’s DANGEROUS. Never text a stranger. Ever.

Add your “Dos” and “Don’ts” in the comments below. Bet U have lots! iTwixie Girls are da bomb!!


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