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Nutrition Tips for Girls to Rock at Swim Meets!
October 24, 2011



Here’s how to plan what to eat so you can be your best on race day:

1) Breakfast gives you a boost! If your first race is early, have a small breakfast but don’t skip it.

2) Protein is your friend. It will keep your energy up and your mood steady. Here are some ideas:

  • cheese sticks or slices,
  • nuts,
  • peanut or nut butters,
  • deli meat slices,
  • yogurt or yogurt drinks,
  • boxes of low fat milk,
  • hummus,
  • hard-boiled eggs
  • edamame.

3) Carbs give your muscles energy. Try these:

  • 100% juice,
  • fruit leather,
  • applesauce,
  • fresh or dried fruit,
  • veggie sticks

Don’t forget the more complex carbohydrate foods too:

  • crackers,
  • unsweetened dry cereal,
  • pita or other breads,
  • pretzels and graham crackers

Stay away from refined sugars such as soda, candy and desserts on race day.

4) Remember to pack foods properly so they will be fresh and tasty when you are ready for them.

5) Pack lots of different things and not so much of one thing. Maybe bring enough to share :)

Have a great time and a great race! How do you perform YOUR best on race day?

Source: USASwimming, Jill Castle, MS, RD, LDN

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