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December 23, 2011

Here is a story written by gogreen to give you an idea of what you can write:


Pif and Pof and the Tub of Chocolate Ice Cream ~ by gogreen

Pif and Pof were having cake but then Pif said, “We need some chocolate ice cream to go with this cake.”
So then Pof said, “We need a dollar to buy a tub of chocolate ice cream. We have a dollar, but it is quite far to walk to the ice cream store.”
“Well,” Pif replied, “We’ll just have to go far to get that chocolate ice cream.” So Pif picked up the four quarters and started to walk to the door.
“Okay, I’ll come.” said Pof as he walked up beside her. They walked up 8th Avenue and 7 Boulevard, when they came to 799th Street. 799th Street was quite long and Pif and Pof had rarely ever gone down it. But, the only other way to get to the ice cream store was to walk through town, buy a bus ticket for 75 cents, and ride it for fifteen minutes, and by then, you don’t seem to want ice cream any more, and you don’t have the money for it either. So, Pof started to walk down 799th Street with Pif right behind him.”Do you still have all four of the quarters, Pif?” Pof asked.
“Yes, yes I believe I do – oh, here they are!” Pif replied as she plucked the quarters out of her pocket.
“Oh!” they both cried as a car came speeding down the street. They spun round and round until they landed on the ground in a heap near an oak tree by the side of the road..
“Uf.” Pof said.
“Ooh.” Pif said.
“Ouch.” they both said. They stood back up and started to walk down 799th Street again. They walked and walked, and walked, and walked, and walked, until, they got to the ice cream store!
They hurriedly ran into the shop and Pif said, “One tub of chocolate ice cream, please!”
“One dollar.” said the shop owner, Muj.
“Okay Muj.” said Pif as she reached into her pocket. “Oh my! I don’t seem to have all of the quarters! Pof, do you know where they went?” Pif exclaimed.
“Oh my, no dollar, no tub of chocolate ice cream for our cake!” Pof said worriedly.
“I must have dropped it when that car spun us around!” said Pif. “But,” Pif sighed. “We don’t need to argue about a lost quarter, we need to find that quarter before 8:00 tonight or the ice cream store will close before we get the ice cream!”
“Your right, Pif, I’m sorry.” Pof said. So they shook hands and started to search again.
“Where did we land again, Pif?” asked Pof.
“I, I think we landed near the oak tree by the side of the road.” Pif replied. They ran over to the oak tree and, believe it or not, there was the quarter.
“We found it!” they both exclaimed. So Pif and Pof walked back up 799th Street and went into the ice cream store just before it closed.
“One tub of chocolate ice cream, please.” said Pif.
“One dollar.” said Muj.
Pif handed Muj the dollar and Muj handed her the tub of chocolate ice cream. “Thank you.” said Pif, and they walked out of the ice cream shop.
“I’m so glad we got our chocolate ice cream before the store closed, Pif.” said Pof.
“Me too, Pof, me too.” and they walked back up 799th street, down 7th Boulevard and 8th Avenue, and into their home. They sat down, and had tea, cake, and chocolate ice cream.


Please write your own story and send it into Info@iTwixie.com – this is going to be so much fun!


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