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March 30, 2011

The Green Girl

Helping the world,
One small act at a time,
Is this nice tween girl,
Who helps clean up the grime,
People have left on the ground,
She reduces,
The trash mound,
And the ocean’s littery swirl,
Oh, I love this green, green, girl.


Away in the sky,
Away in the ozone,
Clouds passing by,
Birds cry and cry,
Where am I now?
I just waved goodbye,
Here I go, now I’m gone,
I’m ready to fly.


From the golden sunlight,
And lightly falling rain,
Comes the orange,
So delightful
Orange juice it does contains,
The clementine,
Is not as fine,
As this delicious food,
It tastes divine,
On it I’ll dine,
Whenever I’m in the mood!

The Purple Zebra

I walked along the street,
Skipping along,
I had yet to eat,
And I spotted people in a throng,
There was a purple zebra,
Standing proud and tall,
It said “I’m proud to be purple.”
Then there was a gull,
The gull crowed, “Your silly! Purple’s not in!
The zebra said, “I don’t care!
Plus, you look really thin!
Come to my place to eat!”
The crow looked surprised,
“C’mon, it’ll be my treat!”
The gull came along,
He figured that teasing was wrong,
Now the gull and zebra are friends,
and they’ll always lend a hand!


They are all different,
In a box,
And coexist peacefully,
In that box,
Why can’t it be that way,
In the box called Earth?
All different shapes,
And colors,
Let’s make it better.
In this box.


It’s what nobody is,
But what everyone wants to be.
It’s what can’t be achieved,
But we still strive,
We can’t be perfect,
But we can try,
To be good and faithful,
Girls and guys.


I may not have the coolest shoes,
Or trendiest phone,
But I have something better,
I have a home,
I may not be at fashion’s peak
But I am something better,
I am unique


All of the above poems are by Roseshimmer, who has graciously shared them with us. Won’t you share some of your poems, too?

Send your poems to submissions@itwixie.com or judy@itwixie.com!

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