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January 16, 2012


Teachers say it’s puberty. Parents say you’re growing up. One thing is for certain: it’s NATURAL.

So B True 2 U and be savvy about your body…

It’s not like you grow 3 inches over night and wake up one morning with boobs. But your body is changing a little every day. And so it’s time to be smart, savvy and strong!

What Grows First
Your FEET! So if you feel like your feet are getting bigger faster than the rest of you, you may be right. Good news? The rest of you will catch up! Between 8 and 14, most girls go through a growth spurt. Your legs will grow next, then the rest of your body. So hang in there! The important thing right now is to keep practicing your balance. Sometimes all of this growing can make anyone feel clumsy. So try yoga! Spend a full minute balancing on one leg with your arms stretched wide, and then give the other leg a turn. Feel stronger? Better-balanced? Keep trying!

Watch for Hair
As your body gets ready to start changing, one of the first signs some girls see is new hair in really new places, like under the arms, thicker on the legs and even in the bikini area.  Should you shave? Talk to your parent or guardian about it! That way you’ll get all the info you need to B True 2 U!

Breast Buds
You probably have these right now! Even as little girls, our breasts have tiny lymph nodes (pronounced limf nodes) that feel like tiny bumps. During puberty, these buds get bigger as your breasts begin to form. You’re getting boobs! How big? No one knows. But don’t worry! Be savvy. All these changes will happen at the right time, at the right pace and in the right size just for you. B True 2 U!

Keep Yourself Clean and Comfortable
Body odor happens! Sometimes it happens and we don’t realize it! All of a sudden, all that sweat you make when you run and play sports starts to smell a little different – and you may not like it. But all you have to do is to remember to keep yourself clean and comfortable. Some girls will start to wear a deodorant or anti-perspirant. Some may start to take a shower once a day. Talk to your parent or guardian so you can B True 2 U and feel comfortable!

Tell us what you want to hear more about for iTwixie’s next Care 4 U tips. There is a lot to learn about these changes and plenty of time! And iTwixie is all about giving you ways to B True 2 U!

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