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Read Book I of this Story by the Imaginary Hideout!
August 1, 2010

This story has been the work of girls from the Imaginary Hideout and iTwixie’s Twixing… can’t wait to hear what YOU think!

Main character:

A girl named Denali. She has dark brown hair, dark skin, and beautiful brown eyes? She is really into going green, and loves to write poetry and stories.

Her favorite color is orange, she wants to be a marine biologist, and loves manatees.

The story (it needs a name!!!)

Book I: New Kid on the Block

Chapter 1

Denali walked down the wide halls of the school with unease. Thousands of kids bumped into her. Which ones are boarders, she thought. Her spikey tail kept getting caught in her skirt and she swore her ears were going to pop out of her wig!

She was new, and not sure that she would fit in. Her best friend was her journal.

The cutest boy in school, Rich walked by. She dropped her books. He picked them up and asked her what her name was, and added, “My name is Rich.”

She responded and said hers was Denali, and thank you. They walked off to homeroom together, chatting, until Hailey, the meanest girl in the class, bumped into her. then, she fell over and was totally embaressed.

Then a girl named Cara explained during homeroom how Hailey is always protecting Rich but no one knows that she’s his cousin. Then after morning classes it was time for lunch, but Denali was nervous to go see Rich. She didn’t know why. She had no idea that Rich liked her, too. A LOT!

Chapter 2

After that day of school, Denali headed back to her room, only to find a true surprise, Hailey was her roommate!

She could not believe her eyes, there sitting on the second bed, ipod in her ears, was Hailey, and now the wall was covered with posters of Twilight and Justin Bieber, the things she disliked the most.

She wondered, how could things have started so good today, with that cute boy Rich, and end so badly with Hailey! She couldn’t believe she had to spend the rest of the school year with her!

“Hi,” said Denali.

“Hi,”Hailey said, “what are you doing in my room?!”

Denali felt her tail move.

She felt panicked. What if Hailey figured out my secret? Just then, Hailey stormed out of the room.

Chapter 3

Alright then… Denali thought, slightly confused as she watched her new roommate stomp out the door.

She breathed out slowly and felt relieved that the room was empty. She was alone. Denali unpacked the rest of her clothes and took down the posters that were by her bed, and replaced them with a “go green” poster and a picture frame of the manatees she swam with last summer.

The next day, Denali went straight to the office, trying to get room assignments changed.  But just her luck, every room was already full.

Okay Denali, be strong, she told herself as she walked out of the office. I mean, how bad can Hailey be?

As she headed to classes, all she could think about was Hailey’s smelly perfume, weird clothes, and the awful posters!

Then she saw Rich, and all the problems left her head, and she was worrying about her hair, clothes, even her breath. Does my breath smell my Cheerios from breakfast? she thought.

She held her breath, and courageously walked up to her crush. “He-Hello Rich,” she stuttered.

Chapter 4

“Hey!” Hailey yelled right at Denali. “What are you doing?!”

Denali was about to respond when Rich said, “She was just saying hi.”

Before anyone could say anything else,  Denali got called to the office.

Hailey and Rich looked at each other, puzzled, while Denali walked down the hall to Principal Manning’s office.

“It’s ok,” Mr. Manning told her. “You can take your wig off now.”

“Excuse me?” said Denali.

Mr. Manning said, “Denali, you’re safe here. We know who you are and why you’re here. You can relax.”

Denali took her wig off to reveal her beautiful black cat ears.

“Now,” he continued, “you have a 90% chance of getting transfered to a school for people like you, so that you don’t have to hide anything about your self. It will be a school like this one. It has just been finished.”
“You mean that building that they’ve been building near the mall?” Denali asked.

“Yes,” Mr. Manning responded. “There, you will be taught how to controll your powers, if you don’t know how.”

“P-p-powers?” Denali stammered.

She forgot about Hailey, Rich, Cara and everything else. I have powers she thought.

Chapter 5
“Yes,” Mr. Manning said, “you do know about them, don’t you?”

“Wow. No. What if I don’t have any powers?” Denali asked.

“Don’t worry about that. Just relax and get through this week. Make some friends. Go back to class right now and I’ll let you know if you can be admitted to the other school by the end of the week, ” Mr. Manning said. “I think you are in for a huge surprise, Denali.”

Denali couldn’t think about anything else all week long. She kept wondering when she would notice her powers. Would she start to fly? Would she make something crumble? Could she read minds?

Days passed and nothing happened. Mr. Manning is going to be disappointed, she thought.

Chapter 6

At the end of the week Denali was escorted by Mr. Manning to a private concealed
room in the school. He started telling her about how she had powers that were
cat related.

Oh, that explains why I’m not flying, she thought. She giggled to herself.

Mr. Manning went on, “You have Night Sight, Amazing Flexibility, Great Hearing and Smelling, and your claws and fur keep you ready to fight and always temperature controlled.”

“You mean thats why i have to shave my legs and even my arms more than my friends?” asked Denali, interrupting.

“Yes Denali! Now back to the list, you have powerful hind legs and last off all sharp teeth.” said Mr. Manning.

“What am I supposed to do with these powers, Mr. Manning?”

“Protect our newest member of the Power Clan,” said Mr. Manning.

“And who is that,” asked Denali.

“His name is Rich, but he’s a late bloomer. He hasn’t grown ears, fur, a tail or any powers. He has no idea who he is,” said Mr. Manning.

Denali sat in shock. She had to protect Rich? She had forgotten all about him.

Chapter 7

“Now first i will teach you Night Sight,” said Mr. Manning. “Close your eyes and then
when you open them think of glowing cat eyes.”

Denali focussed. She was glad to stop thinking about Rich and all the complications this new idea seemed to present to her.

Mr. Manning went over to the lights and whispered, “Now!”

Denali quickly shut her eyes and opened them. She imaged the alley cats she saw yesterday. She focussed on their eyes. While thinking she realized she could see. But everything was green! “Why is everything green?” she asked?

She felt happy then confused.

Mr. Manning said, “That is because your eyes are green Denali, if your eyes were yellow they would see yellow.”

“Oh!”said Denali understanding. She could see clearly and in amazing detail, even though everything was colored in green. It looked cool and interesting. She couldn’t stop looking around.

Chapter 8

Just as Denali was mastering her power the door swung open and the knob hit her right in the eye. “Ah, I see things but they seem farther than they are,” she said.

“Hm,” Mr. Manning said, “I guess the hit must have knocked out your eyesight in one eye and you need 2 to judge distance. Now as for you Mr. Rame, I can easily replace you with a better secretary, you know the kind that knocks before entering.”

“Sorry Mr. Manning, sir, but theres been a problem in the world of Gali,” said Mr. Rame.

“Hey, whats Gali?” Denali asked.

“Gali is the planet that supplies the powers you and only another handful of people have and if something or someone destroys that planet, you and all others with powers will die with it.”

“B-b-b-bu-but I don’t wanna d-d-DIE” Denali stuttered.

“Well i suggest…: Mr. Manning started to say, but it was too late. Denali had already run out of the room.

Chapter 9

I have to warn Rich, Denali thought. She looked at her watch. She could make it to him before lunch was over. When she saw hin sitting alone in the cafeteria, she couldn’t believe her luck. She sat down next to him.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hi,” said Rich.

Denali could see the peak of one ear started to emerge from his hairline. It was dark like hers. Everyone else would think it was just his hair, but she could tell.

“Uh, Rich, Mr. Manning asked me to bring this huge box to the gym. Would you help me carry it, please?” she asked.

“Absolutley,” said Rich.

They finished lunch and were almost to the office when they heard a scream behind them, “Oh no you don’t,” and WHAM they both were knocked out by a huge cloud of vapor.

Hailey smiled at her two fellow classmates, and then passed out as some of the vapor creeping through a crack in her mask.

By the time Mr. Manning reached the three kids, a swarm of normal kids had formed around them. So he called the Gali ambulence to take all three away.

Book II



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