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September 5, 2012

action figure therapy valentines dating tips Thank you, Discovery Girls magazine, for sponsoring our latest book, Out of My Mind By Sharon M. Draper

http://bannholz.net/masjanja/8179 Here’s how you can win one of four, FREE subscriptions to Discovery Girls magazine:

read the article Just answer these “Have you ever” questions. The more answers you enter, the more chances you will get for winning. It’s that easy! So have fun, and good luck! 

All winners will be announced on Wednesday, September 12, during our all day, end of summer and ReaderLogic, Partay! http://yankalillabakery.com.au/?kramarew=conocer-gente-no-perfiles&8fe=83  

1) Melody gets into a new, harder class. She feels thrilled AND scared. Have you ever felt two totally opposite feelings at once?

2) Rose, Melody’s new friend, does not like to show off her friendship with Melody. Have you ever felt like that?

3) So think about the title of the book, Out of My Mind. Have you ever felt out of your mind?

Good luck girls!


rencontres francophones zurich Out of My Mind is about a girl who is smarter than anyone in the school. She is 11 years old. The problem is that she can’t talk or tell anyone about how much she knows. Then she gets a machine that lets her type in the words she wants to say. Then she gets a chance to be on a game show with some of the other kids. ~  https://www.tuseguro.com/kambjasie/4185 tink

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And here’s a big thank you to our friends at priere pour rencontrer le grand amour Discovery Girls magazine, for sponsoring the ReaderLogic Summer Book Club! 

ReaderLogic. Read it. Blog it. Like it. Play it. Vote it. Win it. Gotta bring it.

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